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Update on Fibre Curvature Measurement

Fibre curvature is a measure of the crimp seen in wool fibres.  Interest in the fibre curvature is generally focussed in the Merino sector where wo...

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NZWTA Fleece Testing Requests now On-line

As a fleece testing customer of NZWTA, we are pleased to advise you of the introduction of our new web based fleece testing request system.  The on...

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We offer Sampling, Testing and Certification for the Wool Industry and testing for the Textile Industry in the following areas:

  • Core testing of greasy and scoured wool

  • Staple length measurement on greasy wool
  • Fibre length on scoured wool
  • Fleece measurement on individual animals
  • Comprehensive range of tests covering fibres, fabrics, carpets, flammability and wool grease