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For personal assistance please contact NZWTA on (06) 835 1086, or email testing@nzwta.co.nz.

Price list as at 1 July 2021


Please contact NZWTA on (06) 835 5627, or email testing@nzwta.co.nz or Christian.

Price list as at 1 July 2021


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Payment Options for Invoices

1.  Direct Debit

Following the request of various NZWTA customers we are now pleased to be able to offer you the ability to pay NZWTA invoices by Direct Debit to your bank account.

The advantages to you are:

  • You will not need to spend the time to physically write and post a cheque, or initiate a direct credit to pay NZWTA.
  • You will not need to remember the date, and action the payment.
  • Saving on postage and paper as no need to post a cheque or remittance advice.
  • Certainty for your cashflow, about when payments are presented.

To take advantage of this payment option, simply download the form here and return to:

Accounts Receivable
New Zealand Wool Testing Authority Ltd
PO Box 12065

Once this form is actioned, you will be notified on your monthly statement that the balance will be direct debited from your account on the 20th of the month (or the next business day following the 20th), unless you notify us within 10 days of the statement date.  Note that the process takes about 20 days to set up with your bank from our receipt of the form.

2.  Payment by Direct Credit

We still receive a number of payments by cheque.  NZWTA is happy to receive payments through your banking package directly into our bank by Direct Credit.  If you want to avoid physically writing a cheque you can deposit payments into our bank account as follows:

NZ Wool Testing Authority Ltd, BNZ, Napier
Account Number 02-0700-0266846-000

Full Electronic Customer Communication Functionality Now Available: In an effort to further improve customer service NZWTA has recently upgraded it's accounting systems to be able to email customer invoices, customer monthly statements and supplier remittance advices.


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